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How do we better retain and develop Arizona’s young professionals?

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Sparked by the Center for the Future of Arizona's The Arizona We Want 2.0 report, The Manifesto Project is asking the question: How does Arizona retain and develop its young professionals?

Through our Board Apprenticeship program, The Manifesto Project will create a pipeline of future leaders who are trained to succeed at the highest levels of the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

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The Arizona We Want

The Arizona We Want sets a clear goal for the state: "Make Arizona 'the place to be' for talented young people." As a next step for the state, high potential young professionals must be engaged, mentored, and developed at a strategic level in the field in which they are most passionate. That's where The Manifesto Project comes in.

A statewide initiative

The Manifesto Project's Board Apprenticeship Program encourages organizations to reserve a "shadow" position on their Board of Directors, executive committee, or subcommittee for a high potential young professional who will serve a 1-year non-voting term where they will gain invaluable high-level strategic experience in their chosen sector.

Matching portal

The Manifesto Project is partnering with Valley Leadership and their LeaderLink program to share access to their online portal. This portal will match registered young professionals to interested organizations who have committed to implementing our Board Apprenticeship program.


What would make you stay
in Arizona forever?



The Manifesto Project is based on measurable, attainable goals that will have a transformative impact on the state of Arizona.

The overarching goal of the project is to bring link high potential young professionals with organizations who recognize the importance high level strategic experience and mentorship. Through this process, we will create a pipeline of participants who greater stake in their communities, are inspired to seek future leadership roles, and are encouraged them to begin and continue their careers in Arizona.

Organizations Implementing Our Program by January 1, 2016

Young Professionals Serving As Apprentices by January 1, 2016

Market Research Results And Collateral Materials

The Manifesto Project began with a yearlong market research study. Statewide "focus groups," polled more than 1000 young professionals on what they viewed as Arizona's current strengths and weaknesses, and asked what would encourage or discourage them from staying here long term. Some of the results as well as our current overview and commitment letter have been provided here.

“Securing Arizona’s

Economic, Political,

and Social Future”


If you're interested in reading about the evolution of the movement, browse articles below.

Media inquiries can be sent to:

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"Seed Spot, a nonprofit Phoenix incubator supporting early-stage social entrepreneurs, announced its new group of ventures Thursday at The Duce in downtown Phoenix." MORE »

Retaining Young Leaders for a Stronger Arizona

"How can Arizona retain its young leaders? This overarching question is the topic of conversations at events being held in more than 50 towns and cities across the state as part of the Manifesto Project." MORE »

Project aims to reach out to young leaders before December deadline

"Students at the Polytechnic campus will have the opportunity to participate in a grass-roots effort to retain young leaders in Arizona next Monday at 4 p.m." MORE »

Manifesto Project aims to unite young leaders

"Three sticky notes. A sheet of garage sale price stickers. A room full of young leaders. The concept is simple, but the Manifesto Project’s goal is much more far-reaching." MORE »

Marana participating in Manifesto Project

"Wanting to give voice to the younger generation, the Town of Marana has agreed to participate in The Manifesto Project, a program aimed at recruiting young leaders in Arizona who want to take action in helping improve the state." MORE »

Manifesto Project aims to involve the young

"In an effort to cultivate fresh voices and ideas, Marana is joining the Manifesto Project, a statewide effort to involve young people in local and state government. It all starts with a one-night event." MORE »

Manifesto Project's goal: Get young leaders involved in community

"A grass-roots initiative is reaching out to young leaders in Arizona with the hope that giving them a voice will keep them in the state. The Manifesto Project is conducting seminars throughout the state ... to brainstorm about what young people want from their communities and to help them get involved." MORE »

Young Arizona leaders pushing 'Manifesto Project' to help transform state

"Young leaders interested in making positive changes in the state, becoming involved in boards and organizations and getting their voices heard by the older generation converged upon SeedSpot Tuesday night to attend the first grassroots Manifesto Project meeting." MORE »

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The Manifesto Project would not be possible without the support of the following partners and participating organizations.

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The Manifesto Project is a collaborative effort, from its inception to its execution. Any and all feedback on the project is a welcome and important part of the process.

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Photos courtesy of Kim Perina and Mauro Whiteman.

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